Dr. Luli Martel


  Life as an endocrine oncology fellow, Canada

  Endocrinologist   |   Luli  Martel  

Q. I think living as a vegan affects people in other ways as well as progress in sustainability.
What positive change do you think it will bring about?

I am glad that you can appreciate the positive aspects of veganism in our environment.
Since very little I care very much about environment, nature and animals,
then when I was ready I just followed my intuition and decided to contribute with stop consuming animal products.
For example, eating vegan 1, 2 or 3 days a week.
If everyone person in this planet did that it would have a huge positive impact in the environent.
FInally, as I am a doctor, I am aware of the benefits of having a diet mainly constituted by plant based products.
I find that experienving a healthy life style and giving the example is the best way to inspire my patients and circle of friends and family a healthier lyfestyle.

Q. Who is your favorite pop music and artist?

My favourite single pop artist is Justin Bieber.
I think he is so talented and I enjoy his music from the beginning to the last album.
However I have been very into K-Pop since may 2021,
and at the moment is almost everything that I listen to.
In my opinion there is a great creative process behind every song and every album.
My favourite band at the moment is TXT.

Q. What inspired you to major in endocrinology?

Our bodies drive organisms through the elaborate bodily changes that characterize their life cycle.
All this happens thanks to the sophisticated endocrine system, and its hormones.
Isn't it fascinating?
I love, also, the process of doing a right diagnosis of a hormonal disorder.
It is really difficult and challenging.
I use to watch Dr. House and the process of getting the right dignsosis following the clues caught me.
Finally, endocrinology is a field where you can treat
and cure the patient succesfuly most of times
and change their life only with little but smart interventions.
It also involves a lot of healthy life style and prevention.

Q. Do you have any tips for taking care of yourself for healthy immune management?

Thank you for asking about this since it is very important.

1. Good sleeping schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time 7-9 hours a day.
2. Healthy eating habits : Choose low-calorie ingredients and high-quality nutrients and eat 2-3 meals a day.
3. Excercising regularly (at least 10000 steps a day).
4. Daily meditation and breathing sessions (15 minuts a day can have a great positive impact)
5. Give yourself time to do something that you enjoy everyday (listerning or playing music, reading a book, hobby..).
6. Healthy relationships (taking time to develop them) and being nice to people.

Q. What was the most interesting place in your trip to Seoul?

Such a difficult question.
However as a place that cought my attention were all the palaces,
since their are very diferent from everything else I had seen so far.
It was an amazing experience overall.
I think Korean culture is made of contrasts and this fascinates me.

Q. After moving to Canada from Spain,
are there any advantages that you realized while embracing a new lifestyle?

In my experience I always learned a lot from myself
and others when stepping out of my comfort zone.
Especially when it comes to immigration to Canada,
I always wanted to move to North America since I was studying medicine.
Because I'm a fan of 'Grey's Anatomy' and I can sympathize in a good way with the passionate doctors and such a competitive environment.
Also, I love cold weather and snow sports.
So far, I am very happy with the experience,
from academi perspective, but also with the kindness of people in Canada.
The very diferent landscapes that characterize the 4 seasons in Canada is also a plus.

Q. I think it's great that you can speak 5 languages
(Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Korean).
Why study different languages?

Spanish and catalan were the first languages that I learned.
And after, english and french I studied intentionally for professional purposes.
Since in medicine is a field where you have the possibility of meeting pairs all around the world during metings,
pursuing short experiences for improving your skills in other hospitals/countries and doing multicenterscientific research.
Language barrier can prevent you to build ver rich relationships either professional or casual.
I have to admitt that korean is the only language that I truly "choosed" to learn for recreational pruposes. 한국어 많이 좋아요!

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