Artist Sua Ha


Garden of life

Life is everywhere. In every living creature,
as well as in our souls, hearts, thoughts, words and even in the eyes.
Giving life to a thirsty soul with a truthful heart, warm words with the beautiful eyes are the power
that turns weary soul into courageous one, helps the fallen, wipes tears of wounded soul,
and reclaiming a lost soul. May love always win in my life and may we all be.

A  r  t  i  s  t    |    S  u  a  H  a

Q : What is the source of inspiration for this work?

Sua : God. HE is the source of my life and the reason to live.

Q : What is the most memorable memory you have in creating this work?

Sua : I enjoyed the progress of seeing my thoughts becoming things one by one.
I call it a tree-scented project.

Q : When I look at your work, I just think that art has the power to heal people's minds.
It's an energy that comes with a completely different appeal than the power of Acmeci's clients,
who are medical doctors that heal people with medical technology, and what was there in the healing
of the arts that you experienced?
Or is there any healing or energy that the viewer wanted to inspire as a artist?

Sua : It all begins in our hearts and minds, I believe. It’s an important connection to my art
and a reason to stay as soulful as I can.
I want to touch people with my art.
And I’m glad you felt that way through my works. Art heals.
It constantly happens in everyday life.
To me, the biggest picture of art is nature.
Birds singing in the morning is the most pleasant music that refreshes mind. Flowers leave some
of their fragrance in the heart as well.
When I turn my face to the sun, shadow fall behind me.
Beauty of dawn sky, flaming sunset, and starry night sky encourage me in so many different ways.
And art is about human.
I’m often touched, comforted, and reclaim passion by the magic of paintings by favorite artist,
music of favorite artists, and films of favorite directors.
People with big hopes who never give up even in hopelessness inspire me deeply.
Here’s an overwhelming experience I had from a month long project trip to Barcelona.
I've been chasing after my favorite Spanish artists’ masterpieces.
Especially I felt strong connection with Antonio Gaudí.
The city itself was surrounded by a lot of his works like street lamp and street tiles.
I got very emotional at Casa Milá that I could not even express feelings.
Then I had this magical moment at La Sagrada Familia, felt something I had never felt before.
His pure passion and the extraordinary talent in art evoked me from the bottom of my soul.
My artistic value was influenced by him since then.
I couldn't be healthier and more energetic when I got back from Spain.
I find beautiful energy in all that virtuous circle in common.
I also want to be a good person with beautiful energy and share it with others.
Art can make the world, and our lives abundant and beautiful.
I believe art has power.

Q : If your work were at the center of the world, what would you like to show it to the world?

Sua : About salvation, without hesitation.
It’s a project I’ve planned from a three-month-long trip in New York years ago.

Q : What is one of the most memorable experiences of self-interest that you have realized
in your activity, experiences or feeling about yourself?

Sua : One thing I know for sure is that
I’m happy when I create something.

Q : In one of your Instagram post you said;
"The best beauty comes when you are like you.",
I'd like to ask you about the word.
When do you think you are the most beautiful?

Sua : When I’m full of love for everything.

Q : If you have any work that you especially enjoyed making it, I'd like to hear it.

Sua : Once I had the opportunity to join the art project flying back and forth between Morocco, and Italy.
For months, day and nights, we created fountain, vase, table, curtain, and etc that are all in ceramic.
Paintings and various form of works were part of it, too.
I remember one of the days of winter in Milano.
We were working on more than 2 meters high installation art with layers and layers of cold plaster paste.
Our hands were freezing and I had to warm my hands by breath every minute but still,
it was so much fun.
I've learned a lot and these days are one of the best, and special memories of my life.

Q : What is your artistic identity in a word?
And what do you want to convey to the public with that identity?

Sua : My artistic identity is being a messenger to tell various stories, which value the beauty from within.
Current message is based on consolation.

Q : I wonder how you want the public to feel the color of your work.
What is the unique charm of your work?

Sua : I like viewer’s thoughts, and feelings just the way they are.
I find freedom and potential in them.

Q : What is the color and unique charm of your art that you feel?

Sua : There has been a big change in genre and color over the last 10 years.
In general, color’s brightened but it’s got deeper.
Well, I try to put my soul into my work.

Q : What kind of an artist would you like to be if you could escape from your present reality
and explore the fantasy created by artists, and what kind of world would you make?

Sua : I would like to create a world filled with love, where love completes the everything like Salvation mountain by Leonard Knight does.

Q : Do you have any hobby that inspires you?

Sua : Imagination, Travel, Music, Movie, and Books

Q : What is your pride as an artist?

Sua : I guess that would be the attitude toward Art. I try to do my best with all my heart.

Q : What would be the moment if you could keep a single moment in your life as a work?

Sua : I would treasure the happiest moment with my loving grandma and my best friend Simba in heaven.

Q : What is the your biggest interest these days?

Sua : I’m on a journey to find myself;
who I really am and what I really am.
I realized that I’d forgotten what it is to be real me in some ways.
I started practicing to understand and support myself more.
And these efforts are actually transforming myself in positive ways.
Nature is a great teacher. I find peace and rest in the beauty of nature,
while I also think of the days that nature has been through the thunder,
and violent storm, which amazes me with it’s championship.
I believe the pain, sorrow, wounded heart, unwanted outcome, mistakes,
and the whole process of overcoming them all in positive ways bring me up as more mature person profoundly.
None of the snow crystals are the same.
Isn’t that amazing. The flowers in harmony in a field is meaningful, because every flower is unique in its own way,
yet it does not compete with the one next to it.
It just blooms. They stay where they are and bloom together, so we are hopefully.
I hope each of our beauty be respected and we could shine together,
not by the beauty that is defined by the world.
True beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Q : In what emotional state do you prefer to do work, joy, sadness, excitement, depression, etc.?
I wonder if there's any emotional state that works like a special inspiration for you.

Sua : Basically in any mood, but sadness, depression and loneliness are those
what give me a special inspiration.
I tend to be in calm and endure it alone when the situation gets hard,
so I think that's how I've grown the power of communicating through my art.
That’s another language of mine, maybe.
The creation I want to try out in a future is spilling out every kinds of my emotions.
Without refining them, freely.

Q : In what way would you want the people to remember you?

Sua : I would like to be remembered as someone who inspired.

Q : What genre would you apply, if you tag some genre for your own arts?

Sua : I’m building Genre of HASUA itself.

Q : If you were the heroin of your art, what kind of roll would you prefer to receive from yourself

Sua : The rainbow after the rain.

Q : If you had opportunity to do interview for yourself, what would you ask at the first moment?

Sua : Are you happy?

Q : What are you feeling like these days? How are you lately?

Sua : I’m at a turning point with much thoughts, yet feeling is like a still lake before Spring.

Q : If you can choose only one picture with just one moment to keep, which moment would you choose?

Sua : I would treasure the happiest moment with my loving grandma and my best friend Simba in heaven.

Q : What is the question that you would make to the audience of yours through your arts?

Sua : “How's your soul?"

Q : If you were a film director to make a film where could fill with your artistic world,
what genre and plot would you like to put?

Sua : I’ll keep it a secret. haha.

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